Spring 2017 Update: New Learning Community Courses

Work on new Learning Community courses has continued through the duration of the Winter 2017 term.   In April, some teachers were putting the final touches on one-page course pitches that will be used to recruit students for F17 and W18.

Course pitches are distributed to students by way of MIO mailings, with groups of eligible students identified by program progression charts.  Big thank you’s to Michele Pallett (Advising) and Max Jones (OAD) for their input on and ongoing management of recruiting.

Browse the recruiting pitches below:

Counting the Costs: Social Justice in Canada?  (Quantitative Methods (300- 360-DW) + Canadian History (330-201 DW)




(D)écrire la beauté: History & Art in the 20th Century  (330-314-DW: Applied 20th Century + Français niveau 3 bloc B 602-BXK-DW)



Peace 365  (365-BWP-DW Complementary – Contemporary Issues)




Nature Revisited (Phys Ed 109-103 (Intensive) Nature Retreat + English 603-103 Literary Themes: Into the Wild – Writing about Wilderness and Ecology)



For courses that can bypass recruiting because they are filled in program course allocation, work has been advancing on class schedules and descriptions for common course outlines – see for example the description for

First Choice Science: General Biology II (101-BZE-06) & Organic Chemistry I (202-BZF-05).



And finally, the promotional SPACE video Lab Stories will give students a sense of the design process at the core of the new Complementary – Contemporary Issues (365-BWP-DW): How to Build Things that Matter.



In all, ten new Learning Community courses will be launching in Fall 2017 and Winter 2018.  Faculty interested in getting involved in the next phase of course development should visit the Call for Proposals for new projects, to be developed over F17/W18.