Scaling Up Learning Communities 2020-2022

Over the Winter 2019 semester, the LC Task Force and its three Working Groups (in Science, Social Science and Certificates) were busy with consultations and brainstorming sessions leading to the development of four planning frameworks that will guide new developments in the Learning Communities project through 2022.   The process drew on more than 60 teachers for input, producing more than 400 ideas on priorities for future directions.  The frameworks were presented to Deans in June for feedback and discussion, have just been reviewed at the September Senate meeting, and will be presented to the Board of Governors this fall.   Anyone interested in the future directions of the Learning Communities project is invited to browse the overview of the project and details of the planning frameworks in the document below.

Coming later in September: A call for new proposals for Learning Community Winter 2020 projects.  Proposals will be welcomed from sectors where LCs have already been implemented (Science, General Social Science and Certificates) and equally from other programs and profiles interested in developing and prototyping innovative ideas for new curricular structures that prioritize interdisciplinary teaching and integrative learning.For more information, contact LC Working Group leads Pat Romano (Certificates), Jean-François Brière and Annie-Hélène Samson (Science) or Lisa Steffen (Social Science).