Meet-up for W2017 Collaborative Course Design


Dawson’s Learning Communities project is looking for teachers interested in working over the W2017 term on the collaborative design of interdisciplinary team-taught courses.

If you’d like to participate, this pizza-powered meet-up on Wednesday November 17, 2.30-4pm in the CoLab 3F.43 is an opportunity to

  • Hear more about the learning community model from teachers leading pilot courses this fall.
  • Meet other teachers interested in working together on integrative learning and problem-based courses.
  • Grab a slice of pizza.

This project may be for you if you are already

  • Interested in problem-based learning, collaborative design, interdisciplinary team teaching.
  • Teaching Gen Ed or Complementary courses that are listed within a certificate or special area of study, or would like to do so.
  • Searching for innovative approaches for program requirements that pose a challenge to student success.
  • Interested in student success initiatives that address students with special needs, students transitioning to college, or students who needs skills upgrading.

Nine pilot courses from the first phase of course development are running in F2016-W2017, in the context of Gen-Ed certificates, student success initiatives, special areas of study, and programs:

  • Imaging Violence and Non-violence (Humanities + Cin-Com Complementary) in the Women and Gender Studies Certificate
  • Journeys (English + Humanities + Academic Skills) in Dawson’s First People’s Initiative
  • War and Peace (Humanities + History) in Reflections
  • Stories of Shaughnessy Village (Research Methods + Intro to Geography) in the Social Science methods sequence

Five teachers from five different departments, all funded by an Entente Canada-Quebec grant, worked together on the development of these pilot learning community courses.

Questions? Get in touch with Ian MacKenzie.

Planning on attending?  RSVP to Maxwell Jones.