LC Project Development: Strategic Planning W19

Work is underway this winter on a new 5-year plan for developments in the Learning Communities project.  A faculty task force with representation from Science, Social Science and Certificates/Special Areas of Study is examining how to build on the successes of the  interdisciplinary team-taught courses launched over 2016-2018 in the 3-year pilot phase of the project.  With a mandate from the Strategic Plan Implementation Committee, this task force has created working groups in each of the three domains noted above.  The working groups are following a research and design methodology which will result in the submission of 3 distinct action plans to the Implementation Committee by June 2019.  The process consists of research and consultation; narrowing of planning objectives; brainstorming new formats and ways of addressing obstacles; and prototyping and testing new LC structures for feedback.  The members of the LC Task Force are Ian MacKenzie, Lisa Steffen, Jean-François Brière, Annie-Hélène Samson, and Pat Romano.

Read on to learn about the membership of the individual working groups, and the topics they are discussing.  If you’d like to attend a meeting or make a contribution to one of the working groups, they are meeting on a weekly/bi-weekly basis over W19.  Get in touch with one of the working group members to find out more.


Science LC Working Group: Jean-François Brière, Annie-Hélène Samson, Yoon-Seo Uh, Andreea Panait

Under consideration:

  • Design or adaptation of math, biology, physics and chemistry courses offered in career programs that target student success challenges in the programs; that are effectively aligned/integrated with appropriate program courses; and that are transferable between science teachers.
  • Expanding availability of Learning Community initiatives in Enriched Science by exploring models beyond paired courses.
  • Applying some of the initiatives developed in Enriched Science to the rest of the science program.


Social Science

Social Science LC Working Group: Lisa Steffen, Geoffery Pearce, Madeleine Côté, Cornelia Howell

Under discussion:

  • Developing new formats permitting thematic course clusters for 1st semester required courses for General Studies students
  • Exploring options for thematic course clusters in the upper level discipline courses.
  • Building on the current examples of discipline courses paired with QM and RM to consider other Learning Community frameworks to enrich the methods sequence
  • Looking to create themed clusters of Integrative Seminar classes for the General Social Science students


Certificates / Special Areas of Study

Certificates/Special Areas of Study LC Working Group: Pat Romano, Ivan Freud, Mark Beauchamp, Brian Mader, Joel Trudeau, Michael Duckett, Jaya Nilakantan, Kim Simard, Susan Finch, Leila Roiter

Under discussion:

  • Flexible curricular structures that will facilitate access to certificates for students.
  • The role of graduate attributes and learning outcomes in creating and developing certificates.
  • How certificates/special areas can facilitate student success in Gen Ed requirements.
  • Refining and expanding links between curricular and co-curricular learning activities.
  • Defining coordination needs and examining new options for meeting those needs.
  • Identifying other key factors for the institutional sustainability of certificates, such as recruiting, communication, and assessment strategies.

Watch for further updates on the progress of these working groups over the rest of the winter semester.

If you’d like more information about this winter’s planning, or anything regarding the Learning Communities initiative, don’t hesitate to contact LC project lead Ian MacKenzie.